Noise Pop 2010 Lineup(So Far)

11 Jan

As of right now, the 18th Annual Noise Pop Music Festival will feature performances by : Magnetic Fields, YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND (with Cornelius, Yuka Honda, Sean Lennon), The Dodos & Magik Magik Orchestra collaborative performance, !!!, Harlem, Deerhoof, Mark Kozelek, Rogue Wave, Atlas Sound, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Four Tet, John Vanderslice, We Were Promised Jet Packs, Wallpaper, Zee Avi, Memory Tapes, The Fresh and Onlys, Scout Niblett, Far (Reunion Show), The Mumlers, P.E.E (Reunion Show), Mirah, Laura Gibson, Nico Vega, Japanese Motors, Princeton, Free Energy, The Growlers, Nurses, Magic Wands, The Lonely Forest, The Hot Toddies, Tempo No Tempo, Judgement Day, The Limousines & Foreign Born.

The Dodo’s will play with the Magik Magik Orchestra in a one of a kind performance. Magik Magik will be composing 10 arrangements of Dodo’s songs featuring members from the band and members of the orchestra.

Claudia Gonson of The Magnetic Fields will be the keynote speaker at Industry Noise, which will be held at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on February 27th, 2010.

Noise Pop happens February 23rd to March 1st in many veunes in San Francisco. Badges are on sale right now, as well as tickets for individual shows happening at the festival.

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