Dirtbag Journalism Exclusive : New Menomena Album Progress

19 Jan

Menomena signed to Barsuk back in 2007 and realesed the highly successful Friend Or Foe. The follow up to Friend Or Foe has been in the works for awhile, but after a little tweet action on the boys twitter account; we’re pretty sure that Menomena will drop their new record sometime in 2010. Talks of the new record started back in the later part of 2008. Danny Seim had this to say in an 2008 interview about the new project :

“In a perfect world, we would’ve been done our new record. Fall 2008 would be great, but then that got moved to January 2009. We hadn’t seen one another in awhile, but we’re seeing each other for some European dates, and a festival date here and there. We’re moving on a U2 time frame. We have a ton of material to use and we have to structure the stuff, pick up instruments and find songs. I’d love to say January 2009, but maybe I just like the those words sound”.

The boys have put a few pics of the recording sessions on their myspace page

For those who have forgot how awesome these dudes are; just watch this video.

“Before I die, I want Kanye West to produce the final Menomena record”

Menomena + Kanye West, that could be a very good look.

Posted by : Max Mohenu

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  1. New Menomena Album, Mines « Dirtbag Journalism - April 7, 2010

    […] We reported back in January that Menomena has posted on their twitter that they in the final stages of their next record. Well Pitchfork just confirmed today that on July 27th, Menomena will drop Mines via Barsuk Records. Not much is known about this new record except that the first single, Pilgrim’s Progress is really fucking good. Give it a listen on Pitchfork and see what you think. […]

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