Next Level : The Drums

22 Jan

Just when you thought Brooklyn couldn’t possibly make yet another musical offering, may we present The Drums. This four-piece post-punk supreme is already earning attention for their unique mix of nostalgia, new wave and dance-ability. Appearing on last week’s cover of NME magazine, the US band is reminiscent of the Beach Boys meets British new wave – yet because they’re so fluid, it’s nearly impossible to pin them down.
Now, here’s the history.  After meeting at summer camp at kids, vocalist Jonathan Pierce and guitarist Jacob Graham began a fast friendship, quickly forming an electro-pop band called Goat Explosion which allowed them to tour North America throughout their teens.  Around 2003, Pierce went on to form Elkland with current Drums’ guitarist Adam Kessler, and were signed to Columbia Records, going on to garner them attention in the indie music scene.  Around the same time, Graham had formed Horseshoes (a band specializing in sentimental love songs), but shortly after, Pierce became disillusioned with the music industry, and took some time off.
Fast forward to 2008, when Pierce and Graham regrouped, abandoned their electro-love and formed an indie-rock band in Florida without having any guitar experience whatsoever.  (And guess what – it worked.)  The Drums were officialised late that year, and in early 2009, the duo headed to New York where they were joined by Kessler and drummer Connor Hanwick, quickly becoming staples in the NYC music scene.  Less than a year later, and they’re appearing on magazine covers and garnering audience and industry praise for their dance-tastic abilities and original premise.
Currently, their song Let’s Go Surfing is making waves across North America and Europe, and the band is slated to tour the UK on the NME tour this month.  Most definitely a band to keep your eye on, so don’t say we didn’t warn you when their shows are sold out later this year.

Posted By : Anne T Donahue


3 Responses to “Next Level : The Drums”

  1. p4tricio January 22, 2010 at 12:03 PM #

    good read! great music! keep it up max!



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