J Mascis New Band, Sweet Apple Debut LP Drops On April 20th

27 Jan

Legendary guitarist and Dinosaur Jr frontman, J Mascis played a sold show last week at The Phoenix Concert Centre in Toronto and in store at Sonic Boom was also epic. What else does this man have planned for this year ? We learned back in December on Pitchfork that J Mascis would be forming a new band called Sweet Apple; with members of Cobra Verde and Witch. According to the band, Sweet Apple formed after tragedy, out of friendship, on a misreable day in Vermont. Their debut LP, Love and Desperation was recorded in Cleveland and Massachusetts and mixed by John Agnello(Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth) and Don Depew(Guided By Voices and Cobra Verde). Judging from the first song, Do You Remember ?, this will be awesome band. Love and Desperation drops on April 20th on Tee Pee Records.

P.S The shoe J Mascis is holding is his own custom Air Force I. A former co worker of mine Bill Priddle(Broken Social Scene, Treble Charger) owns a pair of these. Amazing sneakers!

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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