Next Level : The Ruby Suns

1 Feb

Caught between the labels of “pop” and “other” come The Ruby Suns, an eclectic band hailing from Auckland, New Zealand who bring with them the feeling of sunshine and warmth and the concepts of freedom and originality.

Truly deserving of their genre-free categorization, the three-piece consists of Californian native Ryan McPhun and New Zealanders Amee Robinson and Bevan Smith.  Having originally formed under the name Ryan McPhun & the Ruby Suns in the early 2000s, the band officially adopted their current name in 2006 and began releasing records to critical acclaim shortly thereafter.

Tribal, passionate and consistently unconventional, the band is already a favourite with Pitchfork (they received 8.3 for their last release, Sea Leon, which translates into “official credibility”) and major buzz is generating around Flight Softly which is slated for release March 2nd.

Though they’re not of the typical indie-rock variety (but what does that even mean, anyway?), anyone tuned into the current music situation is aware of the fact that the indie umbrella has expanded to include anything and everything – electronic, folk, avant-garde and in this case, the genre-free tribal-pop that defines The Ruby Suns.  A band to watch in 2010, the carefree, joyous and ethnically-inspired sounds that have emerged from New Zealand’s North Island will be a welcome reprieve from the bleakness of wind chills in winter.

The Ruby Suns will be playing the Drake Hotel in Toronto, with newcomer Toro Y Moi, on March 31st, 2010

Posted by : Anne T Donahue


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