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Next Level : Pantha Du Prince


Don’t be surprised when Berlin/Paris-based DJ and producer Pantha du Prince (real name Hendrick Weber) is this year’s breakout crossover act from the minimal techno realm over to the indie rock world.  So there probably isn’t too much competition in that category to begin with, but even if there was, Pantha du Prince does it without compromising his artistic identity.

The story is that Rough Trade Records, more known as of late for harbouring indie talents like Sufjan Stevens and Jenny Lewis, is releasing his third full-length album, “Black Noise,” instead of Hamburg-based house label Dial (who released his previous two records). At first it might seem like a bit of a push, but Mr. du Prince was always intrinsically indie, having played bass for years in the Hamburg band Stella.

But now to the new music: Pantha du Prince creates sounds of the subconscious, shimmering to the beat of the eye’s movement in sleep; scouring through dreams from beneath the lid. Calls of chimes and bells swim playfully through techno beats, an organic and at times intangible combination, keeping the listener entranced throughout these Swiss Alps-inspired songs.

And nothing quite says, “I’ve crossed the bridge over to indie-dom” quite like featuring the vocals of Noah Lennox (best known as Panda Bear of Animal Collective) on the new album. Panda Bear’s presence is the equivalent of putting the ultimate feather in the cap, meaning, it’s a freshly plucked peacock feather doused in the tears of saints saturated with gold dust. Not bad for someone who made the Animal Collective connection via his 10-minute remix of  “Peacebone.”

And speaking of remixes, Pantha du Prince has also remixed tracks by Depeche Mode and Bloc Party. Rumour has it that he even has a remix compilation is in the works for 2010. So to Pantha du Prince from Dirtbag, our sincerest thanks for making “crossover” cool again, and for showing that panthers and pandas can coexist peacefully.

Posted by : Melissa Kim