Dirtbag Journalism Exclusive : We Are Scientst Are Back!

10 Feb

We Are Scientist made a huge impact in the 2000’s with their cheeky indie rock antics. In 2008, with the release of their second LP, Brain Thrust Mastery, the band turned into a duo and the album itself received favorable reviews in the UK and spawned two top 40 singles. So what happened to these guys ? Last year MTV UK gave them a six episode series called She Wants His Money, which was pretty funny. Keith Murray and Chris Cain  also recruited former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows and have been working with him on new material. The album, which according to Clickmusic is titled Barbara will be released in June 2010. The record has been described as a “return to their debut”; the gold selling With Love And Squalor. The first single, titled Ride will be released on April 5th. The band are scheduled to play the Hoxton Bar and Grill in the U.K, a show that was literally sold out in 4 minutes. Whoopi helped “Stella get her groove back”, so let’s see how Andy Burrows addition to the band will help bring them back to the top. For those who forgot some of the best singles off With Love And Squalor, take a look at these gems.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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