Next Level : How To Dress Well

10 Feb


It may be a little premature to say How To Dress Well are Next Level, but let’s face it; some of the best things in music are right under our noses and we don’t even know it. The music itself has this spooky Memory Tapes vibe that’s actually pretty awesome. The band seems to always be hustling and putting out EP after EP. On their blog, it claims that in September 2009 they’re planning to drop 5 EP’s in the next six months. We’re now in February and they’re planning , which will both be coming out on his blog next week. Another thing you wouldn’t guess about How To Dress Well is that he’s a huge hip hop nerd. The newest EP, Born Bodies is what they’re calling Drone & B and it’s honestly the best. This is probably one of the shortest Next Level pieces you’ll ever read on here, but it’s mainly because there isn’t much more to say. Go check out the blog and see what you think.

Dirtbag Journalism Fav(If you want an idea of one of the better ones he’s put out)

Posted by : Max Mohenu


One Response to “Next Level : How To Dress Well”

  1. Tom Krell February 15, 2010 at 2:06 PM #

    mad love!
    the new ep is caLLED ‘born bodies’ not ‘burn bodies.’
    but maybe the next one’ll be called that.

    keep up the great dirtbag werk,

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