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Next Level : Trust


The dictionary defines trust as the reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, ect., of a person or thing.  In the case of newcomers Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski; these words are all the defining characteristics of a band at the their level. They’re also all the things that make Trust one of the most ambitious, hardworking bands in Toronto. We have a good feeling that with the right timing; you’ll be loosing sleep over their infectious sound and amazing live show. However, nothing good ever comes from being presumptuous; so let’s go over what we know for sure. The music sees Alfons and Postepski’s evoking the spirits of early disco; with a gothic lo-fi sound that gives them a spooky vibe that works on the dance floor.

They both have very unique looks and their live performance can only be described as “great experience”. They’re in talks of working on a split 7” with another Toronto newcomer/legend in the making, Josh Mcintryre of Little Girls(if you don’t know Little Girls, we’ll let it slide as long as you promise to link that shit right after your done reading this). The icing on the cake was their show on April 7th, 2010. Trust played a solid show with Washed Out, along with Small Black at Wrongbar in Toronto.

This show lead to a lot of amazing press and even more amazing opportunities for the Toronto duo. All we can hope is that at some point their hard work leads to a solid debut album that will crush the competition and maybe put these Crystal Castles comparisons to rest because these kids are setting a bar all their own. Check out their myspace below.

Update : Trust will playing the Bishop Morroco album release at Unit C/102 Ossington with Dj sets by Jaime Sin and Mikey Apples.


Posted by : Max Mohenu