Deer Tick’s New Album, The Black Dirt Sessions

24 Feb

2010 is looking pretty good for Deer Tick. Born On Flag Day garnered these gentleman a lot of attention last year and now it’s time for album number 3. The band is gearing for the release of The Black Dirt Sessions, which comes out on June 8th on Partisan Records. Recorded late last year in the The Black Dirt studios in upstate New York, the record takes the band into a darker direction and according to a press release from their publicist; the record is deeply personal, especially for lead vocalist John McCauley. It’ll be interesting to hear the Black Dirt version of their song Christ Jesus, the song also appeared on their debut War Elephant. They were named “Breakthrough country-rock band of the year” last year by Rolling Stone, so no pressure boys, but you should probably kick our teeth in with an amazing follow up record. The tracklist is below :

1. Choir Of Angels

2. Twenty Miles

3. Goodbye, Dear Friend

4. Piece By Piece, Frame By Frame

5. Sad Sun

6. Mange

7. When She Comes Home

8. Hand In My Hand

9. I Will Not Be Myself

10. Blood Moon

11. Christ Jesus

There is also a slight possibility that the documentary about the band called City Of Sin will be released this year as well. Should be a good year for these guys

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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