Kanye’s Follow Up to 808 and Heartbreaks, “One Of The Best Hip Hop Records In The Last 10 Years”

24 Feb

So it’s come to our intention that Kanye West has been working on a follow up to 2008’s 808 And Heartbreaks. In an interview with Dose.ca, Drake revealed that Kanye is in the studio working on his record and Kanye West new record in Miami. The album does have a name, not a good one, but a name all the same. Good Ass Job is the album title and with producers like A-Trak on the project one could only hope for the best. Drake told Dose that Kanye’s record will be “the best hip hop record of the last 10 years”, which is really quite confusing considering Kanye’s production ushered in a new era in hip hop in the 2000’s. Does this mean Kanye West will bring us to the promise land yet again ? Will Drake ever release his record ? Will Kanye and Amber ever be more of a hot mess than they were at Paris Fashion Week ? We’ll keep you posted! Same Dirtbag time, same Dirtbag channel.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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