Dirtbag Journalism Exclusive : Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj, Did They Hook Up ?

25 Feb

The hip hop world has had one question on their mind for the past several weeks and that question is, “are they or aren’t they ?”. Rumors surfaced a few weeks ago that the 3-year-old footage of Nicki Minaj claiming that she and Remy Ma had a sexual relationship is actually true. In this You Tube video, Remy brags about how she exploits men and how the most disgusting thing she’s ever witnessed is two men kissing to get her attention. She’s not a fan of the gays, but is that all an act to cover up their affair ? In an interview with MTV, Remy claims that “she’s never been with another women in her life”, but as far as Nicki’s success she claims “she’s happy for her”. The full interview with Hot 93.7 is right here

So here’s a few questions we should ask ourselves :

-The young women in the video is apparently Nicki Minaj, but Remy and other sources claim it’s not. Do we believe that this Nicki and the Nicki we know in the media are the same chick

-Remy has always been cool with Nicki, but has been very verbal about her distaste homosexuality in hip hop(or in general) in the media on several occasions. Could she be fronting about her sexuality ?

-What other information will surface about this affair ? Will Nicki make a statement and set the record straight ?

Remy is currently serving an 8 year jail sentence for shooting a woman at point-blank range outside of a nightclub. The verbal confrontation was over thousands of dollars that women allegedly stole from Remy. She’s currently working on an appeal, which if all goes well means she could be out as early as summer 2010. The shooting resulted in the victim suffering permanent intestinal problems and Remy having to folk over 80 million dollars for pain and suffering…..ouch. We’ll keep you posted on this story, but let’s us know what you think.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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