Next Level : Active Child

28 Feb

As usual, Pitchfork seems to know when a new prospect has the potential to the next big thing in music. They’ve lead bands like Surfer Blood, Yeasayer and Washed Out to the promise land and 2010 has really just begun. Their intuition may have served us well yet again because Pat Grossi(known by his stage name, Active Child) is one hidden gem that the music world needs to know about. The L.A native  started the project in 2008, while attending college in Denver. From what we know, the man had a pretty awesome childhood. His dad worked for legendary hip hop label, Priority Records and he sung in the Philadelphia Boys Choir. A lot of the early stages of Active Child was Pat trying to play with different recording styles. The music itself draws from a lot of Pat’s time in the choir; combining melodies with electronic music in a way that sounds rich and full, yet creepy and atmospheric.  The current single, Body Heat(So Far Away) is this perfect hybrid of woozy choir pop; with waves of synth and other distorted noise. To be very honest, all the songs are fucking great. There’s something beautiful about a musical project that takes chances. It’s ear indulgence; that’s what we’re calling it . Active Child released a cassette called Sun Rooms earlier this year. The next ep titled Curtain Call will be released in May. This man is pretty amazing and when Toronto is blessed to see him perform live; you better be quick grabbing those tickets.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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