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Dirtbag Journalism Exclusive : Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj, Did They Hook Up ?

25 Feb

The hip hop world has had one question on their mind for the past several weeks and that question is, “are they or aren’t they ?”. Rumors surfaced a few weeks ago that the 3-year-old footage of Nicki Minaj claiming that she and Remy Ma had a sexual relationship is actually true. In this You Tube video, Remy brags about how she exploits men and how the most disgusting thing she’s ever witnessed is two men kissing to get her attention. She’s not a fan of the gays, but is that all an act to cover up their affair ? In an interview with MTV, Remy claims that “she’s never been with another women in her life”, but as far as Nicki’s success she claims “she’s happy for her”. The full interview with Hot 93.7 is right here

So here’s a few questions we should ask ourselves :

-The young women in the video is apparently Nicki Minaj, but Remy and other sources claim it’s not. Do we believe that this Nicki and the Nicki we know in the media are the same chick

-Remy has always been cool with Nicki, but has been very verbal about her distaste homosexuality in hip hop(or in general) in the media on several occasions. Could she be fronting about her sexuality ?

-What other information will surface about this affair ? Will Nicki make a statement and set the record straight ?

Remy is currently serving an 8 year jail sentence for shooting a woman at point-blank range outside of a nightclub. The verbal confrontation was over thousands of dollars that women allegedly stole from Remy. She’s currently working on an appeal, which if all goes well means she could be out as early as summer 2010. The shooting resulted in the victim suffering permanent intestinal problems and Remy having to folk over 80 million dollars for pain and suffering…..ouch. We’ll keep you posted on this story, but let’s us know what you think.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


Kanye’s Follow Up to 808 and Heartbreaks, “One Of The Best Hip Hop Records In The Last 10 Years”

24 Feb

So it’s come to our intention that Kanye West has been working on a follow up to 2008’s 808 And Heartbreaks. In an interview with, Drake revealed that Kanye is in the studio working on his record and Kanye West new record in Miami. The album does have a name, not a good one, but a name all the same. Good Ass Job is the album title and with producers like A-Trak on the project one could only hope for the best. Drake told Dose that Kanye’s record will be “the best hip hop record of the last 10 years”, which is really quite confusing considering Kanye’s production ushered in a new era in hip hop in the 2000’s. Does this mean Kanye West will bring us to the promise land yet again ? Will Drake ever release his record ? Will Kanye and Amber ever be more of a hot mess than they were at Paris Fashion Week ? We’ll keep you posted! Same Dirtbag time, same Dirtbag channel.

Posted by : Max Mohenu

Deer Tick’s New Album, The Black Dirt Sessions

24 Feb

2010 is looking pretty good for Deer Tick. Born On Flag Day garnered these gentleman a lot of attention last year and now it’s time for album number 3. The band is gearing for the release of The Black Dirt Sessions, which comes out on June 8th on Partisan Records. Recorded late last year in the The Black Dirt studios in upstate New York, the record takes the band into a darker direction and according to a press release from their publicist; the record is deeply personal, especially for lead vocalist John McCauley. It’ll be interesting to hear the Black Dirt version of their song Christ Jesus, the song also appeared on their debut War Elephant. They were named “Breakthrough country-rock band of the year” last year by Rolling Stone, so no pressure boys, but you should probably kick our teeth in with an amazing follow up record. The tracklist is below :

1. Choir Of Angels

2. Twenty Miles

3. Goodbye, Dear Friend

4. Piece By Piece, Frame By Frame

5. Sad Sun

6. Mange

7. When She Comes Home

8. Hand In My Hand

9. I Will Not Be Myself

10. Blood Moon

11. Christ Jesus

There is also a slight possibility that the documentary about the band called City Of Sin will be released this year as well. Should be a good year for these guys

Posted by : Max Mohenu

Next Level : Taken By Trees

24 Feb

From the nation that brought us Lykke Li and El Perro Del Mar, comes Taken By Trees, the solo project from Swedish artist Victoria Bergsman (formerly of the Concretes and the female lead in Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks”), who has successfully taken the UK and most of Europe by storm.

After releasing Open Field – the group’s debut album – in 2007, the band released their follow-up, Drowned in Sound in September of last year.  Written and recorded in the midst of Bergsman’s journey to Pakistan, the album earned critical praise (being awarded an 8.1 by Pitchfork) and further popular appeal after the band’s cover of Guns ‘N Roses “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” went on to appear in a UK commercial and in the promotional trailer of 2009’s Last House on the Left.

Having established a sound clearly influenced by Bergsman’s time spent in the Middle East, Taken By Trees has succeeded in straddling the organic and highly developed, showcasing various ethnicities and gravitating towards nature in addition to maintain Sweden’s tendency to embrace all things modern.  An act not to be overlooked or missed live, the band’s magic beautifully translates in person, with the group’s calmness and honesty emulating from their guitars, keyboards and tambourines.

With an album that serves to spark conversation and quiet inspiration, Taken By Trees is set to be a cult favourite, earning Sweden yet another gold star in the way of relevant musical contributions and genuine talent.

Posted by : Anne T Donahue

Growing Are Prepping Us For Pumps

24 Feb

As we reported back in January, Growing have signed with Vice Records and plan to release a new record called Pumps in April. It looks as though Vice has posted a few videos on their You Tube account. There a series of video vignettes for tracks off the new album. With the exception of the first single, Hormones, this is the first there has been any leaks of the new material. One thing is for sure, these dudes are making it really hard not to be excited about this new record.

Posted by : Max Mohenu

New M.I.A Album Coming Sooner Than We Thought

24 Feb

We just received work via Pitchfork that M.I.A tweeted a little something last night that may give us an idea of the release date for her follow up to Kala. Her tweet reads :


We do know everyone involved in her “dream team” as far as producers go; that list consists of Diplo, Blaqstarr, Sleigh Bells, Switch, and Rusko, who actually confirmed on his twitter that the record is in fact completed. As of right now nothing is confirmed, but we do know the promo single, Space Odessey is the hottest shit. We’ll keep you updated on this situation.

P.S Can anyone tell where we’ve seen that outfit before ?

Posted by : Max Mohenu

Tobacco’s New Album With Beck Due Out In May

22 Feb

It looks like Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco is ready to blow our minds yet again. We received word from his publicist that the sophmore album, Maniac Meat will be released on May 25th. Immediately after working on Eating Us, the fourth album by BMSR;he began work on his new record, which features Beck. The album is said to be a huge departure from 2008’s Fucked Up Friends, which garnered the BMSR frontman a lot of attention. The tracklist is listed below :

01. Constellation Dirtbike Head

02. Fresh Hex (Featuring Beck)

03. Mexican Icecream

04. Lick The Witch

05. Sweatmother

06. Motorlicker

07. Unholy Demon Rhythms

08. Heavy Makeup

09. Grape Aerosmith (Featuring Beck)

10. New Juices From The Hot Tub Freaks

11. Six Royal Vipers

12. Overheater

13. Creepy Phone Calls

14. TV All Greasy

15. Stretch Your Face

16. Nuclear Waste Aerobics

This album should be fucking amazing.

Posted by : Max Mohenu