Nicki Minaj First Single, Massive Attack Is Coming Soon

1 Mar

According to an interview with, Nicki Minaj is getting ready to drop her first official single. The song Massive Attack, which is produced by Sean Garrett will be coming out very soon. The songwriter/producer responsible for Beyonce’s Diva and Fergie’s London Bridge just recently had Nicki on his debut single, Get It All. Garrett spoke about the collaboration with :

“I didn’t know but Nicki said that she had been a humongous fan of mine and that I’m the one producer she always wanted to work with. What was so crazy to me is that I was a big fan of hers”

Garrett also claims that the song will be a “club banger” and that’s going to be “the fucking bomb”. Nicki has not made one shitty move this year and it looks like debut will be a big one. Her biggest this year would have to be with Usher for the song Little Freak, which got a lot of love from Pitchfork when it first surfaced. The video for the song is due out in a few weeks(March 16th we believe). Look out world, Nicki is coming!

Posted by : Max Mohenu

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