Foals Are Back With A New Record And A Whole New Bag Of Tricks

4 Mar

NME made a huge announcement earlier today regarding Oxford’s finest young indie rockers Foals. May 10th, 2010 will be the day fans have been waiting for since they broke the mold with their debut album, Antidotes. On this day, the band will release their sophomore effort, Total Live Forever. The record was produced by Luke Smith; who was a member of the now defunct Brixton, England indie band, Clor. Aside from the new Foals release; Smith also produced SHITDISCO’s album, Kingdom Of Fear (He was also credited as the engineer/programmer for the last Depeche Mode album, Sounds Of The Universe). The video for the promo single, Spanish Sahara was released at 8:00p.m this evening. The band is set to go on an 11-date mini tour before releasing the official first single, This Orient, on May 3rd. The burning question is this : Will the new Foals record be a step in the right direction ? Spanish Sahara is a huge departure from the last record, but definitely not in a bad way. How will fans of theirs react to this new sound ? Please send feedback and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on this new record. But honestly, just for comparison sake.



Posted by : Max Mohenu


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