Next Level : Class Actress

9 Mar

The New York Times has called Elizabeth Harper Brooklyn’s own Madonna. Elizabeth, along with Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal make up Brooklyn’s hottest new threesome, Class Actress. Elizabeth’s started out as a singer/songwriter who wrote mostly guitar based songs. She hooked with Mark Richardson to do a remix of one of her songs, which led to a batch of left over pop songs after their recording sessions were done. She decided to start releasing electronic music under the name, Class Actress, and the ball got rolling from there.

Her catchy synth pop songs are by far some of the best you’ll hear this year. Elizabeth’s style and sound put her in a league of her own. She’s not afraid to take chances, she could give a fuck about being cool and she’s also smoking hot. When Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear heard about this band it was a total fluke, but one that would get Class Actress signed to Chris new label, Terrible Records. Last month Class Actress released their debut EP, Journal Of Ardency, which spawned a sexy video and overnight hit. It’s hard to say where she’s going, but one things for sure, this young woman will making her rounds through the blogs with dance worthy pop songs for most of 2010.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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