Next Level : Memory House

9 Mar

What do you get when two photography aficionados come together in Guelph? Well in the case of Denise Nouvian and Evan Abeele, they took their visual expertise and put the “gaze” in “shoegaze” with their musical outfit Memory House. Nouvian’s vocals can easily be likened to a pleasant and not as nasal Zooey Deschanel, and Abeele in turn sets the ethereal foundation for the whole project.

They only began recording last February and have already garnered three positive track reviews on Pitchfork and a little hype thrown in by Gorilla VS Bear, but none of that nearly compares to some support from Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, himself.

Memory House have a cover of the G-Bear track “Foreground” on their MySpace, and when they sent Droste an Mp3 of the song, he told them that not only did he love it, but he also played it for the rest of the band (according to Neu Magazine).

Their four-song EP, The Years, is available for free download here, they just released their To the Lighthouse 7’’, and their longer EP, Looms of Youth, will float on over this spring.

Memory House will be playing at Wrongbar on Sunday, March 14th with Million Young.

Posted by : Melissa Kim

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