Sweet Apples SWSW Adventures

23 Mar

Sweet Apple made their debut at SWSW, performing and practicing on stage for the first time(Woah). The big/funny story is what happen to them before their gig at Austin’s Waterloo Records. The band apparently got lost at a supermarket just before they were due to go on stage. This statement was released from the boys themselves :

“We were running late from one show to another and couldn’t find a parking spot,” says singer John Petkovic. “So J suggested we park in the Whole Foods across the street.”

“I have a Whole Foods gold card, I must’ve spent $10,000 in that place last year,” says Mascis. “Isn’t that worth a parking spot?”

A security guard wasn’t swayed. The band was told that parking spaces were reserved for customers only, not bands playing SXSW.

“So J suggested we go shopping,” says Sweetapple. “He could spend all day in that place.”

They did, with Mascis, Sweetapple and Tim Parnin carrying their guitars around the store.

“People kept asking us if we were performing a Whole Foods showcase,” says Sweetapple. “But we couldn’t find the stage.”

Crazy stuff gentleman, crazy stuff. On a side note, the band just debuted their second single on Prefix Mag. Love And Desperation comes out on April 20th.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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