Next Level : Fang Island

6 Apr

If you’re a fan of all things feel-good, you should probably head to your nearest record store or live venue (specifically The Garrison on April 17) and acquaint yourself with Brooklyn’s Fang Island, the fast-paced, guitar-driven five-piece who encompass all that is “friendship and summer” (as per their MySpace description).

While a far cry from the electro-influence currently infiltrating all that is modern indie rock, their strong and unapologetic sound works not to intimidate, but to simply invite; coming across forceful, but not over-the-top (which is quite the feat considering their tracks include power guitar and “anthem-esque” choruses.)

Fang Island is unique in that they manage to bring aspects of 80’s rock to 2010 without sounding like a tribute band, or as though they’re releasing a pretentious concept album.  Their earnestness shines through as their tempo increases, and as their volume and intensity swells, you can’t help but feel charged and rejuvenated.  Summertime songs, I tell you – it’s probably best to begin your road trip playlists now.

Posted by : Anne T Donahue


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