Next Level : Dentata

14 Apr

Dentata is a band that’ll surely be the next big thing in Toronto very soon. They’re everything you love about a good live show and everything you love about sexy girls with guitars, all rolled up into one sweet ass package. The band, which consist of Dana, Tamsen, Neil, and Alex(also known for her band  Romo Roto) is still fairly new, but so far things look promising.

Each of their songs has a different energy, but they all manage to kick you in the teeth just as hard as their live show. It’s swampy riot grrl, with amazing guitar riffs and Dana Wright wearing fierce leather knee highs on stage(too much to handle, yeah we know).  They just recently played a show at The Beaver in Toronto that was jam-packed and super fun . Something about them just brings you back to the good ol’ days, the meat and potatoes of punk rock, the sweaty shows and dancing with your friends. Dentata may have been put on “Next Level” prematurely, but we like a band with promise and attitude. The only piece of advice we’ll give to you if you decide to attend one of their shows, don’t get in these girls faces and prepare to be amazed and drink a lot of beer.

Dentata will be playing the Bad Day Magazine Issue 7 Launch Party on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 134 Ossington in Toronto

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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