Next Level : Male Bonding

27 Apr

Although most bands may have that winning “I’ve made it!” high when signed to a label like Subpop (Fleet Foxes, Postal Service, Iron & Wine), for some reason, U.K. lo-fi surf-punk trio Male Bonding are still paying their karmic dues. Case in point: John Arthur Webb (guitar/vocals), Kevin Hendrick (bass/vocals), and Robin Silas Christian (drums) skipped Iceland on their last tour, and now their biggest fan Eyjafjallajokull is ticked; leaving them stranded in Los Angeles for the past few days. Then there’s also the fact that earlier this month in Montreal their van was broken into, and last year Hendrick had a burrito thrown at him where the only way to dodge it was to jump in front of a car.

But this series of unfortunate events is not enough to get these roommates from Dalston, a district of inner-London, down. The band has been around for only two years, but they’ve already toured with Soft Pack, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls; not to mention their debut full-length due on May 11, Nothing Hurts, features the latter. And it’s no surprise. Their single, “Year’s Not Long,” is a two and a half minute hypnotic scramble that puts the fast-forward button on any CD player to shame.

Male Bonding is booked until October with European tour dates, so if you missed them at Wrongbar during this year’s CMW, you’ll have to do without a live performance until they make it back across the pond. And as soon as Nothing Hurts comes out, you’ll definitely want them back. We at Dirtbag will even use the title of a Razorlight song to make our plea: “Don’t Go Back to Dalston” and come back to Canada.

Posted by : Melissa Kim


2 Responses to “Next Level : Male Bonding”

  1. wallernotweller June 19, 2010 at 12:48 AM #

    Male Bonding interview i did a couple of weeks ago:

    • johnnybmagazine June 22, 2010 at 10:28 PM #

      Nice dude. Do you want to write for my blog ? Your awesome

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