Interview : Dejha Colantuono

9 May

Brooklyn singer, songwriter and soul artist supreme, Dejha Colantuono has caught the attention of critics and listeners everywhere with her intense vocals and gift for developing lyrics and melodies.  Having come from a family of jazz musicians, the songstress has embraced her personal history wholeheartedly, allowing her parents’ influence to inundate both herself and her music, exuding emotion and intensity with every track and musical accomplishment.  We managed to catch up quickly with Colantuono who filled us in on her thoughts of being self-taught, the influence of her parents and what steps she hopes to take next.

Dirtbag Journalism:  Being a self-taught artist, do you find a distinct difference between being professionally trained and self-trained?

Dejha Colantuono:  Not particularly.  I mean, whether or not you are trained, I think it is more about being good at what you do.  Whatever your approach or creative background.

DJ:  How has being self-taught made your music more unique?

DC:  I would venture to say that being without a true sense of “right” or “wrong” ways to write may have helped me in letting interesting melodies and songs just happen – as opposed to questions where they might sit from a theoretical standpoint.  I’m not sure how unique that makes my music, but I think it cultivates freedom which I am always reaching for.

DJ:  Having been brought up by musician parents, it’s clear that regardless of your distinctive indie rock vibe, you draw from their jazz background in your own music.  What elements of their music do you combine with your won?

DC:  Any influence is innate in nature.  I wouldn’t say that I consciously combine their ideas with mine.  I think it’s just a part of me.  My genetic makeup if you will.

DJ:  Your music also draws heavily on soul influences and you’ve been credited with being multi-dimensional in regards to genre.  What aspects of soul do you draw from most?

DC:  Passion.

DJ:  What direction do you see your next album moving towards?

DC:  I see it being deconstructed; a bit less rock and a lot more vocal.  I am taking piano lessons and taking liberties with my pedals and effects these days.  I guess we shall see.

Posted by : Anne T Donahue


One Response to “Interview : Dejha Colantuono”

  1. Ilka May 10, 2010 at 7:36 PM #

    Cool! Dejha has a show with her band:
    Sunday, May 30th
    9:00 pm
    at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC
    (184 Allen Street New York, NY 10002)
    FREE admission, 21 and over

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