New Thieves Like Us, Again And Again

9 May

When Thieves Like Us busted onto the scene a few years; they garnered a lot of attention from their 2007 hit song, Drugs In My Body. The Swedish duo have been compared to Cut Copy, Hot Chip, and many other heavyweight bands. 2010 will solidify any claims previously made after the release of their solid debut, Play Music. Again And Again is their sophomore effort, which is due out on July 6th. The record was recorded early last year in a basement in Paris and it focuses on a lot on failed relationships, alcoholism, and yearning for that perfect soul mate. Their first single, Forget Me Not has a more down tempo vibe, which is a different route for them, but the song is amazing. Again and Again’s track list is listed below :

01 – Never Known Love
02 – Shyness
03 – Mercy
04 – One Night With You
05 – Silence
06 – Lover Lover
07 – Love Saves
08 – The Walk
09 – So Clear
10 – Forget Me Not

We’ve got a really good feeling about this one. Let us know what you think about that first single.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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