New Toro Y Moi 7”/Tour With Phoenix This Summer

10 May

Dirtbag Journalism has only been going for about six months now. One of the biggest things we had the privelege to announce was the rise of an artist who at the time was just “Next Level”. Since the release of his debut album Causers Of This, South Carolina native Toro Y Moi has surpassed any and all expectations set by music critics(including Dirtbag) and surely by himself. We are proud to announce after receiving a tip from our friends at Force Field PR, Toro will be giving us more to look forward too in 2010. What you see above is the cover art for Toro Y Moi’s next single, Leave Everywhere, which will be released as a 7” and digitally on July 20th, 2010. According to what we know, this 7” will provide us with an idea of what to expect from Toro later this year when he releases the follow-up to Causers Of This. Anyone who’s gotten use to his signature “glo-fi” sound will be surprised, but until July 20th we won’t know anything for sure. We’ll keep you posted of any new information on this upcoming release. In other news, Toro Y Moi will be joining Grammy winning indie rockers Phoenix on tour starting in August. Could you imagine how amazing that show would be ? Hoepfully they’ll hit your city and won’t need too. Toro recently did Yours Truly; this live remake of You Hid is amazing. Check it out!

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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