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New Klaxons Album, Surfing The Void


As you may or may not know; Klaxons have been working on the follow-up to their highly successful debut, Myths Of Near Future, since November 2007. After presenting Polydor Records with a finished product last year, the label asked the London foursome to re-record parts of the record. Sources say Polydor called the record “too experimental” for release. In November 2009, the band flew back to L.A to re-record with Ross Robinson and it looks we’ll know get to hear what the “less experimental” version of their record sounds like. According to a post on NME, Klaxons will be dropping a joint called Flashover on their website at 8p.m this evening(or you could just listen to it now on You Tube). This is one of the tracks of their new album, tentatively titled Surfing The Void. No release date has been set for the record, but it’ll be out at some point in 2010. To add to that amazing news, the self-proclaimed Four Horsemen Of 2010 have announced a UK tour(the dates for that tour can be found in the NME). This will definitely be one of the more interesting releases of 2010. Let’s see what the boys bring to the table.

P.S Dear Jamie

If your still dating Lou Hayter from New Young Pony Club, you need to tell her to drop a record for TheNew Sins. We’ve waited long enough for it!!!

Posted by : Max Mohenu