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Show Time : Zeus (May 27th at The Mod Club)


It’s been a great year for Toronto artists, so when hometown heroes, Zeus returned to the city to (finally) headline their own show at The Mod Club, it goes without saying that the reception they received surpassed warm and defined enthusiastic.

Playing to a crowd who anxiously awaited the presence of the latest Arts & Crafts darlings, the four-piece gave a dynamic performance that proved to all of us why they’ve been hyped and buzzed to the max.  (In case you weren’t already aware, they deserved that March cover of Exclaim! – and that’s saying something from a girl who favours UK bands 99.9% of the time.)

Opening with lightning and thunder effects, the band took to the stage shortly after 11 and banged out the tracks from their highly acclaimed debut release, Say Us, with a sense of reserved confidence that’s become the trademark of so many great Canadian bands.  (After all, isn’t that why everyone loves us in the first place?)

Though this was the first time I’ve had a chance to see them unattached to their Arts & Crafts counterparts, you could tell they were nicely comfortable with their material – especially as they indulged the crowd with commercial favourite How Does It Feel, and other album tracks that worked to grab and keep audience attention (You Gotta Teller and Heavy On Me particularly come to mind).

The only downside was the louder than life club night raging downstairs (nothing like combining the heavy thumps of top 40 with the rock ‘n roll sounds of a Toronto indie band), and the lack of banter from the group, who, while still charming when they did speak, chose to focus primarily on the music (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Although you can’t exactly hold it against musicians who refuse to indulge in pointless statements in hopes of garnering cheers, Zeus is one of the few bands whose fan base is genuine and boasts members who would simply be stoked to hear them engage in day-to-day conversation along with their musical endeavours.  The moral of the story?  Their headlining show was a success (horray!) – contrasting basement nightclub be damned.

Posted by : Anne T Donahue