M.I.A’s Album Cover For /\/\/\Y/\ Revealed

2 Jun

M.I.A’s had a pretty crazy week, but the Sri Lankan beauty has not forgotten that on July 13th; she plans to dominate the music scene once again. According to a post on Rap-Up, what you see above is the cover for M.I.A’s third LP, /\/\/\Y/\(pronounced Maya), which will be released on July 13th. considering all the drama surrounding her controversal video for Born Free, the You Tube sub bars on the cover are a pretty rad idea. Word has it that the video for XXXO has been shot, so we’ll let you know when we do. M.I.A is also the cover girl for Nylon Magazine this month. The interview she did with them is pretty good. Check it out

Posted by : Max Mohenu


One Response to “M.I.A’s Album Cover For /\/\/\Y/\ Revealed”

  1. erin pea June 3, 2010 at 9:24 AM #

    no offense MIA, but if you’re gonna create your own covers you might wanna get some education in graphic design. such an ugly cover.

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