Les Savy Fav’s Album Cover Revealed

1 Jul

As we already know; Les Savy Fav’s next record, Root For Ruin is due out September 14th(via French Kiss Records). What you see before you is the artwork for their new album. Not to different from their previous covers, but still really awesome. It’s been said that their new record embodies a rawer energy, similar to their early recordings. Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav says of the new album(according to a post on CMJ), “I really hope people are as excited about this record as we are. These songs are reminiscent of a time where music and bands were exciting. Music isn’t as exciting as it used to be”. The band recently came through Toronto for NXNE , but there are talks of a fall tour, with dates to be announced very soon. Can’t wait for that! Here is the tracklist :

01. Appetites
02. Dirty Knails
03. Sleepless In Silverlake
04. Let’s Get Out Of Here
05. Lips N’ Stuff
06. Poltergeist
07. High And Unhinged
08. Excess Engergies
09. Dear Crutches
10. Calm Down
11. Clear Spirits

Posted by : Max Mohenu

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