Next Level : Altered Zones

8 Jul

Pitchfork Media has made itself a creditable source for independent music news since 1995. In the last 15 years; indie music has seen more transformations and crazy sub genres than you’d care to memorize. It’s been really beneficial for our generation to have this beacon of up to date information be available to us at all times.

The music scene has changed a lot  more in the past few years and some of these new bands are doing things on a much smaller scale, which makes it hard for a lot of different types of music lovers to check them out. Underground, extremely overlooked and sometimes completely off the radar; these fresh faces are making very unique, leftfield music that’s not reaching the masses. But now a group of awesome bloggers are about to change all that.

On June 29th, 2010, Pitchfork announced that they will launch a sister site called Altered Zones. This site will give readers a chance to dwell into the emerging D.I.Y music scene that has been slowly growing more and more over the last several years. 14 different blogs will post new tracks, explore new genres, and showcase a flood of new bands that are making their way on the underground scene. Blogs like : Friendship Bracelet, Gorilla Vs Bear, Get Off The Coast, among others are going to share all their awesome music with us. From psych pop, drone, tropical, African beats; nothing is off-limits on Altered Zones. You’ll have 10 favorite new bands after one visit to that site.

Sounds good right ? You don’t know how awesome it really is until you check out the site itself. Beautifully displayed, amazing content and music, and every blogger gives thorough information about the band they’ve posted. For the site launch; the bloggers posted their favorite albums, cassettes, and tracks of the first half of the year. The regular post schedule will start on Monday.

Altered Zones is going to change the game that is music blogging. It’s the pinnacle of what Dirtbag Journalism strives for and it’s about time that we recognize the contributions of these D.I.Y musicians and the people who love them. Altered Zones plan for world domination starts now. Good on you dudes!

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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