New Blood Red Shoes Album, Fire Like This

20 Jul

Blood Red Shoes are much like a good wine; they get better with age. After the success of their first record, Box Of Secrets; the band is ready to give us a taste of Fire Like This. The sophomore record, which was released in the U.K in March will make waves in North America on October 12th(via V2 Records). Produced by long time collaborator Mike Crossey; the record sound is a lot more raw and invigorated. Singles like Don’t Ask And Colours Fade stay true to their punk roots, but showcase their immense talents and ambitions going forward. Steven(one half of Blood Red Shoes with Laura-Mary) spoke about the transition from D.I.Y punk to big band success saying :

“You know, we’ve come from a punk rock, underground scene – everyone has pretty strict ethical rules, about selling out and that. We want to make music that matters, that’s credible, and artistic. But we’re also really ambitious. We definitely want to be a big band.”

The Brighton duo also have plans to tour the U.S in the fall, which will give North American fans a chance to experience them live. Tour dates have not been announced, but we’ll keep on eye out and let you know.

Posted by : Max Mohenu

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