New Trust, Bulbform

20 Jul

When we coined Toronto synth wave band, Trust as “Next Level” earlier this year; it was very early in their career and nothing was really set in stone. But guess what ? We were right and now this Toronto duo is showing the type of promise that equals long-term success and dance floor domination. It’s funny to think they haven’t been going for that long, but they’ve already made such a unique impact in the melting pot of talents in Toronto. They killed their first shows with Parallels and Washed Out, their NXNE performances with Glass Candy and Diamond Rings got them rave reviews, and now there are talks of a music video for their single, Candy Wallz. But for anyone who’s itching to hear some new Trust; you don’t have to wait any longer.

The band has just posted a new track on their myspace last week called Bulbform. One phrase sums up this track, deathly hot. Think of it this way; it’s your last day on earth and you want to go out to a party and toss your shit, this would be your track. This powerhouse single exemplifies what makes a dance tracks in non traditional, non top 40 circles so impactful, not to mention unforgettable. If Candy Wallz could be rivaled, this would be its greatest adversary. Go to their myspace and check it out!

Trust will be playing Unit C/102 Ossington in support of the Bishop Morocco album release party. The event will feature dj sets by Jaime Sin and Mikey Apples.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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