Next Level : Ducktails

12 Aug

Ducktails is New Jersey’s Matthew Mondanile’s sugary sun-noise project. What’s that you say? You’re hearing warm waves of nostalgia crashing onto the coast of Fiji? But you’ve never been to Fiji? Yet you still feel like you are fading into a reminiscence of summer bliss that perhaps did not occur? Interesting.

Well, with the help of using samples and playing guitar and synthesizers over them recorded on cassettes in his parents’ basement, Ducktails’s songs summons these half-dreams/half-memories into fruition. Mondanile also does guitar for fellow New Jersey band Real Estate, as he grew up four houses away from lead singer Martin Courtney. Speaking of dreams though, Mondanile dreams of moving to Portugal one day and recently tweeted “I wish artists and musicians made more money :(“.

Those may be his dreams, but ours is that his third full-length album, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, released on Woodsist Records this autumn, will help extend our summer fun like a back-to-school Justin Bieber concert.

Posted by : Melissa Kim


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