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Next Level : Gauntlet Hair


Gauntlet Hair. The inter-webs have been abuzz with chatter of them since April. We heard it’s because they snort lines with underage princesses in the White House. We also heard that we just made up that last part about snorting lines in order to exemplify how much buzz they are worthy of and have been receiving; not because of salacious scandal, but because of their bitching, albeit limited, rock-your-funk-out tunes.

The avant garage-pop duo is Andy R. and Craig Nice, best friends since age 15, of the small town of Lafayette, Colorado. They signed to Forest Family Records, the love child between Gorilla vs. Bear and Weekly Tape Deck born in March, and now Gauntlet Hair’s 7’’ is sold out.

Ryan Schreiber, Mr. Pitchfork himself, condemned their band name (“…it sounds like something people used to get diagnosed with in the 1820s when the docs were more creative”) in a track review of “I Was Thinking…” before congratulating them for their “delirious, fire-spewing stomper.”

As for the name, Andy R. took it from a cashier at a vintage shop who, for all intents and purposes, coined the term when referring to a picture of an odd man with a bowl cut. In a MySpace blog post, Andy explains, “Since [Craig and I] had known each other, our hairstyles were equally as intense along with our sense of fashion. We were constantly ridiculed over it throughout high school. It became a sort of bonding term of endearment between us. Gauntlet Hair is our own term for freedom of expression. What better name to title our musical project?”

And by the looks of Lady Gaga’s music video for “Alejandro,” intense bowl cuts are in like groupies on a guest-list. And although Gauntlet Hair could have rested their laurels on being the buzz-band of April 2k10, a full-length album is in the works; bowl-cuts not included.

Posted by : Melissa Kim