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El Perro Del Mar Forms DJ Act

13 Aug

After the success of 2009’s Love Is Not Pop ; El Perro del Mar is taking a little break after touring. However, it looks like her break will include some awesome dj gigs and kickass parties because Sarah Asssbring has now added dj to her resume(who would’ve thought). After going on her website; it looks as though Sarah has joined forces with Jacob Haage (from the Swedish duo, Bandjo), to form a dj duo called Fantasy Coloc.

Sarah and Jacob are currently making their rounds in Gothenburg; playing all of the hottest spots during  the Way Out West Festival.

Their mix can be found here. It’s pretty fucking amazing.

Until El Perro del Mar is ready to bless us with another record, let’s reflect on what makes this woman so amazing.

For example :

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Tony Castles Debut Single, Black Girls In Dresses

13 Aug

Tony Castles haven’t wasted any time letting people know how incredibly talented they are. After touring with the likes of Ebony Bones and Fools Gold(and killing it we might add); the Brookyln trio have finally given us a release date for their debut EP. As we reported a few months ago; No Service is a 5 song EP the band recorded early this year. It was recorded and produced by Jake Aron (Jamie Lidell, Yeasayer, Chairlift) and mixed at the Rare Book Room by Nicolas Vernhes (Dirty Projectors, Deerhunter, Silver Jews). Can’t wait to hear what these dudes have been cooking up.

The Ep will finally be released on September 21, 2010(via Famous Class Records.)

The first single, Black Girls In Dresses, debuted on Tripwire and it can be found in the MP3 section.

Tony Castles will be touring with Tom Tom Club in September. The dates are below :

9-17 – Record Release Show (venue TBA) – New York
9-23 – Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington, DC*
9-24 – Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH*
9-25 – Midpoint Music Festival – Cincinnati, OH*
9-26 – Exit In – Nashville,TN*
9-27 – The Old Rock House – St. Louis, MO*
9-28 – Metro – Chicago, IL*
9-29 – Mickey Finn’s Pub – Toledo, OH*
9-30 – Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto,ON*
10-01 – Cabaret Mile End – Montreal, QC*
10-02 – HG Showcase Lounge – Burlington, VT*
10-03 – Paradise – Boston, MA*

*w/ Tom Tom Club

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Next Level : The Pop Winds

13 Aug

To be honest, Montreal’s The Pop Winds initially caught our attention because their synth/drum machine/samples guy, Kyle Bennett, has a very trendy haircut. But then we looked again, and we realized that there is a saxophone player (?!) in this trio. And although they do not have any saxophone parts reminiscent of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” their Animal Collective-esque sound is worth pausing for.

Devon Welsh (guitar) and Austin Milne (saxophone) were roommates at McGill, and Bennett grew up with Welsh in Uxebridge, Ontario. The Pop Winds officially formed in April 2009, not long after Bennett matriculated into Concordia University’s electro-acoustics program.

According to their EP released in September, Understory, and their debut full-length album released in April on Arbutus Records, The Turquoise, Bennett is applying his studies of the compositional breakdown of sound as if he was being marked for it. And in the words of Nicki Minaj in her rap, “Itty Bitty Piggy,” this might make them “the baddest in the school, the baddest in the game;” where, yes, “baddest” is synonymous for “the most ridiculously awesome.”

And speaking of rappers, Canadian Cadence Weapon praised them for having “a unique band arrangement… that sounds unappealing on paper but coalesces nicely live and on record” in an article for The Mark News in December.

Another idea that perhaps does not sound so good on paper, yet The Pop Winds have implemented it anyways, is giving away whole EPs and albums for free (at least digitally). You can download the Understory EP here and The Turquoise album here.

In April, Welsh explained to Lookout, “We sort of had to do this. After a certain point, it’s going to be easier and more effective to get people to hear your music if you give it to them for free… A couple weeks after an album comes out, it’s everywhere on the Internet. It seems like the natural thing to do.”
Well, after hearing their poppy tune “Feel It,” we totally would have bought the album regardless, but we thank them for their generosity nonetheless.

The Pop Winds is playing at the Tiger Bar in Toronto on Wednesday, August 25th as part of their month-long cross-Canada tour.

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Dirtbag Debut : Jeff Barbara -Larmes De Crocodile

13 Aug

Funny, gay, glamed out singer/songwriter from Montreal. We’re into it! Check out his tumblr.

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Next Level : Ducktails

12 Aug

Ducktails is New Jersey’s Matthew Mondanile’s sugary sun-noise project. What’s that you say? You’re hearing warm waves of nostalgia crashing onto the coast of Fiji? But you’ve never been to Fiji? Yet you still feel like you are fading into a reminiscence of summer bliss that perhaps did not occur? Interesting.

Well, with the help of using samples and playing guitar and synthesizers over them recorded on cassettes in his parents’ basement, Ducktails’s songs summons these half-dreams/half-memories into fruition. Mondanile also does guitar for fellow New Jersey band Real Estate, as he grew up four houses away from lead singer Martin Courtney. Speaking of dreams though, Mondanile dreams of moving to Portugal one day and recently tweeted “I wish artists and musicians made more money :(“.

Those may be his dreams, but ours is that his third full-length album, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, released on Woodsist Records this autumn, will help extend our summer fun like a back-to-school Justin Bieber concert.

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Procedure Club Announce New Tour Dates And Debut New Track

11 Aug

Bedroom pop duo The Procedure Club are ready for their first West Coast tour. The band has just added some new dates to their tour. The dates are below :

August 18 – Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY w/ Weekend and No Joy

August 20 – Cafe Nine, New Haven CT w/ Gasoline Silver

August 26 – Casa del Popolo, Montreal QC w/ the Pink Noise, the O-Voids

August 28 – Parts and Labour, Toronto ON w/ Bishops Morocco

August 30 – C.A.I.D., Detroit MI

September 6 – The Comet, Seattle WA

September 7 – East End, Portland OR

September 9 – The Hub, Sacramento CA

September 10 – The Hemlock, San Francisco CA w/ La Corde, G Green and The Burning Yellows

September 11 – Tin Can Ale House, San Diego CA

September 12 – Part Time Punks @ The Echo, Los Angeles CA

September 13 – Sound Kontrol, Phoenix AZ

The band has also has a new song called Slut Fossil, which can be found in the MP3 section of our website.

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Next Level : Prince Rama

11 Aug

When Dirtbag Journalism talks about bands that are “next level,” we’re usually talking about awesome, up-and-coming music that catches us off guard and makes us all the happier for it. But Brooklyn-based trio Prince Rama (sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson with friend Michael Collins) has figured out how to exploit the term “next level” in every way possible (in the best way).

They were all raised in the largest Hare Krishna commune in the western hemisphere in a small town in Florida, where they met three years ago. Their music is almost psychotically psychedelic. They were signed to Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks Records after their set at this year’s SXSW. And their fourth full-length album out on September 14, Shadow Temple, was produced by Rusty Santos, and Animal Collective’s Avey Tare and Deakin.

Prince Rama makes other Brooklyn psychedelia sound like The Killers, and they’ll make you want to, in the words of Noel Fielding describing singer Paloma Faith, “saw off a piece of a rainbow.”

Prince Rama will be playing the Snowball Gallery with Deakin in Toronto on Thursday, September 16.

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