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New Fujiya and Miyaja, Ventriloquizzing

29 Sep

Fujiya and Miyaga are back! On Jaunary 25th, the British kraut rockers will be dropping their new album titled Ventriloquizzing(via Yep in North America and Full-Time Hobby in the U.K)

According to the post on Exclaim, the record was demoed in Brighton and recorded in California with Thoman Monahan(he’s worked with Veviter and Devendra Banhart on past records).

The first single, Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue, which can be found on their website sounds a lot darker than their previous work. David Best discusses the change of direction on the new record in a press release :

“We wanted to make a record that was musically darker and had more going on than our previous LPs,” says David. “This record is its own thing. It’s far less indebted to any past influences than our previous records and in my opinion it is all the better for it.”

We’ll keep you updated on this one.

Posted by : Max Mohenu


Next Level : Tasseomancy

28 Sep

In J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and Ron flippantly read each other’s tealeaves for the first time during their Divination class. Then Professor Trelawney looks at Harry’s tealeaves. This could have been a good time for Rowling to give a little vocabulary lesson. For instance, the reading of tealeaves is also known as tasseomancy. But Rowling, naturally, must have been more concerned about her plotline because when Professor Trelawney reads Harry’s tealeaves, she then informs him that he’s going to die.

Tasseomancy is also known as Halifax’s neo-gothic folk twin sisters Sari & Romy Lightman. The sisters, formerly known as Ghost Bees since 2006, have rebranded themselves based on the name of their Ghost Bees EP, which was dedicated to their great-great-grandmother’s immigrant experience from Russia to Canada as a tea leaf reader.

Surely, tealeaves or no tealeaves, the telepathic Lightman twins could not have foreseen going from busking at Halifax’s farmer’s market for grocery money to being featured on La Blogotheque in August. Last winter, Tasseomancy recorded a full-length produced by Taylor Kirk of Timber Timbre. A release date has not been set, but they do have a 7’’, Healthy Hands, limited to 500 copies on pink vinyl on October 5 via Hype Lighter.

Whether or not Professor Trelawney is their great-great-grandmother has yet to be confirmed.

Tasseomancy’s 7’’ release party is at the Main Hall of the Toronto Australia New Zealand Club on October 5.

Posted by : Melissa Kim

Dirtbag Debut : First Aid Kit – Ghost Town

28 Sep

Swedish folk sisters, First Aid Kit have just dropped a video for their new single, Ghost Town. Directed by Matt Udd, the video shows the beautiful sisters walking through the woods on a nice summer day in Stockholm.

Sounds like heaven if you ask me.

Ghost Town was released digitally(via Witchita Records) yesterday. The girls have also done a cover of “When I Grow Up” by Fever Ray, which comes with the digital single.

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Next Level : Les Sins

28 Sep

When Dirtbag first heard of Chaz Bundick and his glo-fi Toro Y Moi outfit, we knew we had found the official voice of 2010. However, we did not know that this voice was capable of making us feel simultaneously happy and sad so consistently.

First, there was the beautifully bittersweet album Causers of This. In our interview with Chaz, he revealed that many of the sappy songs were inspired by the same ex-girlfriend. One, “Talamak,” was about how the four-year relationship ended due to the erosion of time and distance, and another, “Fax Shadow,” is in regards to when she found someone new. But he wasn’t satisfied with ending the disclosure of details there. Not long after, Chaz told the Village Voice that not only was the girl he hugs at the 18-second mark in the Blessa music video his ex-girlfriend, but also that when he saw the footage for the first time, he “kind of teared up.”  If it’s any consolation, Paper magazine named him one of the most beautiful people of 2010, and there’s a legitimate reason why we’re talking about him right now (aside from presenting newfound facts where he’s hung up Madonna-style).

Now he has an additional moniker: Les Sins. His disco-house side-project—recorded last spring in his home studio—will make you want to roar, “Dancing is not a crime!” and then sob into your flask of gin. Case in point: the song “Lina,” which contains the refrain, “I thought you wouldn’t move out,” juxtaposed against flailing hips in white polyester pantsuits.

Les Sins is releasing a 12’’ on Nov. 9 via Carpark Records. However, Chaz will be touring his Toro y Moi songs this fall, and there’s no word when you can tell everyone that you going to a Les Sins show. In the meantime, your friends will most likely be asking why you developed a southern drawl when saying “lessons.”

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Dirtbag Debut : El Guincho – Bombay(NSFW)

23 Sep

Pablo Diaz Reix; you’ve definitely won the award for weirdest video of 2010. The first single of Pablo(aka El Guincho’s) new album, Pop Negro has finally got a video to go with and to be honest it’s pretty all over the place(but in a good way). Directed by Nicolas Mendez, the clip starts out as a weirdo infomercial about the cosmos. Cue the vacuum sex, golden boobies, and gun wielding weirdo and we’ve got ourselves a video kids. There might have even been a girl suggestively licking a stick. It’s all pretty fucked, so please buckle your seat belts.

The  even crazier part is that this video is the trailer for a film called Bombay, according to a post on IFC. How many of you will be in line for that one ? Pop Negro is in stores now on Young Turks.

Posted by : Max Mohenu

Dirtbag Awards : Melissa Kim’s Top 10 Best New Bands/Artist Of 2010 Pt.2

22 Sep

4. Toro y Moi(

When I was feeling pretty glum about the music scene earlier this year, Chaz Bundick got me excited about music again. Causers of This is so bittersweet and mellow, and I’m such a sap so naturally I couldn’t help myself.

3. Stromae(

This 25-year-old’s tune “Alors on Danse” was number one in most European countries this summer. That is because this very smart Belgian rapper understood that to make it into the European charts, dancing must be had. I just tracked down a copy of his album last week in Quebec after scouring Toronto record shops for it, and it was well worth the quest.

2. Professor Green(

Confession: I love grime rap. Absolutely love it. And this man is pretty grimey. Earlier this year he survived a bar brawl where a broken bottle gutted his neck. And then later in the year he had a duet with Lily Allen. Both of his singles were number one in the U.K. throughout the summer, but from what I know he doesn’t have much in the way of North American distribution, and therefore it is very unlikely he’s going to tour here. Meaning: this year sucks.

1. Nicki Minaj(

Fierce, femme, and fit to verbally lash you with some of the more wittier, quirkier raps out there, Nicki Minaj is someone I found out about through this very blog (and more specifically, from one of Max’s posts about her at the beginning of the year). Like, how can you recover after her verse in the Kanye/Jay Z/Rick Ross/Bon Iver “Monster”? And this line in particular: “Yeah, that’s me laughing at the bank with the funny face. You say I’m fake, BUT I AIN’T NOTICE ‘CAUSE MY MONEY AIN’T!!!”

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Dirtbag Debut : The Meligrove Band – Racing To Shimmering Light

22 Sep

Toronto indie rockers The Meligrove Band have just dropped their follow-up to Planets Conspire and it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited about it. In this crazy clip, every member seems be either be spazzing out or moving at super speed. Drummer Darcy Rego seems to be having the best time. Shimmering Lights was released(via Last Gang Records) on September 21st. You know what to do/were to get it.

The Meligrove Band will be playing a record release show at The Great Hall in Toronto on November 12th

Posted by : Max Mohenu