Next Level : Cosmetics

8 Sep

Captured Tracks has made 2010 pretty fucking amazing. It doesn’t take much to prove that point when every one of their artist have each shown a unique sense of musical direction, not to mention insane amounts of potential early on. This time around, the object of our musical affection comes in the form of Vancouver duo that’s music is sexy, dreamy, and nothing short of perfection.

Cosmetics consist of Nic and Aja, a young couple that both work in a fashion warehouse as their day jobs. Nic buys jewelry from wholesalers and Aja does Graphic Design. With the exception of their separate working courtiers, they’re pretty much always together.

Nic talks about their working relationship in a Vice Interview stating that :

” I always knew that if I was ever in a band, I wanted it to be a creative partnership like The Cramps. I would read about Lux Interior and Poison Ivy and be like, ‘That’s what I want.’ A really close partnership, not just going to band practice once a week, but working towards something every day, doing every aspect of it. So it’s an extension of our normal lives”.

Sounds like the recipe to success Nic. Enter Captured Tracks Records (aka 2010’s most consistent record label) and boom, here we are.

The band got picked up by the Brooklyn label in January, which immediately lead to the release of the Soft Skin/Black Leather Gloves 7”. Their sexy single Black Leather Gloves caught the attention of London producer Premier Rang, which lead to Cosmetics and Rang working on a remake of the track( They did the entire track with him via email, pretty awesome right ?) . Dancefloor ready, while retaining its spooking sound; the remake garnered the band some attention from our friends at Pitchfork, not to mention tons of other music critics and new fans.

After a spring tour with label mates Blank Dogs and their first taste of remix action for the Death On Plains single; Cosmetics released their second 7”, Sleepwalking/The Cries in July 2010. The single Sleepwalking has been causing quite a stir. From its rough, upbeat, disco vibe, to Ajas vocals channeling Coldwave queen, Virna Lindth; the song has definitely left music critics wondering what type of fire they’ll bring on their debut LP.

The band are featured in the current issue of Dazed and Confused(They also did an exclusive mixtape for Dazed Digital, which can be found here).

Cosmetics are currently touring, with more dates to be announced. Apparently their shows lead to fist fights and synths being pulled out being sets. Can’t wait!

Posted by : Max Mohenu


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