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Lykke Li’s Second LP Sneak Peek/Debuts Short Film


Sweden’s given us quite a bit to talk about over the years, but remember when this 24-year-old firecracker opened for El Perro Del Mar and built a fan base all her own in the span of 6 months ? Well that’s the story behind the immediate success of Lykke Li after she dropped her debut LP, Youth Novels in 2008. It’s been almost two years since that record came out and it looks like were not even going to have to ask what’s next because Lykke Li plans to give us a little taste very soon.

NME reports that Lykke Li’s sophomore album is currently in the recording process. That’s pretty exciting right ? Well that’s only the half of it. Lykke Li plans to embark on a mini tour, starting on November 1st in Berlin. She plans to play all new material from her record, which should awesome to see her play live. The dates of all five shows are below :

Nov 1st @ Heimathafen Neukölln in Berlin, Germany

Nov 2nd @ La Maroquinerie in Paris

Nov 4th @ Heaven in London

Nov 8th @ Södra Teatern in Stockholm, Sweden

Dec 1st @ La Poison Rouge in New York

No official release date for the album has been set, but Lykke recently posted on her myspace how the recording process has been and she’s even posted some pictures from her sessions on her website. We’ll keep you updated on as the album details become available. Oh and were not done giving you good news, by the way.

Lykke Li also makes her film debut this week in Solarium. The short film is directed by Moses Berkson and let’s just say it’s pretty damn awesome. You can watch it below :

Ladies and gentleman, our girl is back. Can’t wait to hear what she’s been cooking.

Posted by : Max Mohenu