Dirtbag Awards : Melissa Kim’s Top 10 Best New Bands/Artist Of 2010 Pt.2

22 Sep

4. Toro y Moi(http://www.myspace.com/toroymoi)

When I was feeling pretty glum about the music scene earlier this year, Chaz Bundick got me excited about music again. Causers of This is so bittersweet and mellow, and I’m such a sap so naturally I couldn’t help myself.

3. Stromae(http://www.myspace.com/stromae)

This 25-year-old’s tune “Alors on Danse” was number one in most European countries this summer. That is because this very smart Belgian rapper understood that to make it into the European charts, dancing must be had. I just tracked down a copy of his album last week in Quebec after scouring Toronto record shops for it, and it was well worth the quest.

2. Professor Green(http://www.myspace.com/professorgreen)

Confession: I love grime rap. Absolutely love it. And this man is pretty grimey. Earlier this year he survived a bar brawl where a broken bottle gutted his neck. And then later in the year he had a duet with Lily Allen. Both of his singles were number one in the U.K. throughout the summer, but from what I know he doesn’t have much in the way of North American distribution, and therefore it is very unlikely he’s going to tour here. Meaning: this year sucks.

1. Nicki Minaj(http://www.myspace.com/nickiminaj)

Fierce, femme, and fit to verbally lash you with some of the more wittier, quirkier raps out there, Nicki Minaj is someone I found out about through this very blog (and more specifically, from one of Max’s posts about her at the beginning of the year). Like, how can you recover after her verse in the Kanye/Jay Z/Rick Ross/Bon Iver “Monster”? And this line in particular: “Yeah, that’s me laughing at the bank with the funny face. You say I’m fake, BUT I AIN’T NOTICE ‘CAUSE MY MONEY AIN’T!!!”

Posted by : Melissa Kim


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