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Dirtbag Debut : El Guincho – Bombay(NSFW)


Pablo Diaz Reix; you’ve definitely won the award for weirdest video of 2010. The first single of Pablo(aka El Guincho’s) new album, Pop Negro has finally got a video to go with and to be honest it’s pretty all over the place(but in a good way). Directed by Nicolas Mendez, the clip starts out as a weirdo infomercial about the cosmos. Cue the vacuum sex, golden boobies, and gun wielding weirdo and we’ve got ourselves a video kids. There might have even been a girl suggestively licking a stick. It’s all pretty fucked, so please buckle your seat belts.

The  even crazier part is that this video is the trailer for a film called Bombay, according to a post on IFC. How many of you will be in line for that one ? Pop Negro is in stores now on Young Turks.

Posted by : Max Mohenu