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Next Level : Les Sins


When Dirtbag first heard of Chaz Bundick and his glo-fi Toro Y Moi outfit, we knew we had found the official voice of 2010. However, we did not know that this voice was capable of making us feel simultaneously happy and sad so consistently.

First, there was the beautifully bittersweet album Causers of This. In our interview with Chaz, he revealed that many of the sappy songs were inspired by the same ex-girlfriend. One, “Talamak,” was about how the four-year relationship ended due to the erosion of time and distance, and another, “Fax Shadow,” is in regards to when she found someone new. But he wasn’t satisfied with ending the disclosure of details there. Not long after, Chaz told the Village Voice that not only was the girl he hugs at the 18-second mark in the Blessa music video his ex-girlfriend, but also that when he saw the footage for the first time, he “kind of teared up.”  If it’s any consolation, Paper magazine named him one of the most beautiful people of 2010, and there’s a legitimate reason why we’re talking about him right now (aside from presenting newfound facts where he’s hung up Madonna-style).

Now he has an additional moniker: Les Sins. His disco-house side-project—recorded last spring in his home studio—will make you want to roar, “Dancing is not a crime!” and then sob into your flask of gin. Case in point: the song “Lina,” which contains the refrain, “I thought you wouldn’t move out,” juxtaposed against flailing hips in white polyester pantsuits.

Les Sins is releasing a 12’’ on Nov. 9 via Carpark Records. However, Chaz will be touring his Toro y Moi songs this fall, and there’s no word when you can tell everyone that you going to a Les Sins show. In the meantime, your friends will most likely be asking why you developed a southern drawl when saying “lessons.”

Posted by : Melissa Kim