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Next Level : Tasseomancy


In J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and Ron flippantly read each other’s tealeaves for the first time during their Divination class. Then Professor Trelawney looks at Harry’s tealeaves. This could have been a good time for Rowling to give a little vocabulary lesson. For instance, the reading of tealeaves is also known as tasseomancy. But Rowling, naturally, must have been more concerned about her plotline because when Professor Trelawney reads Harry’s tealeaves, she then informs him that he’s going to die.

Tasseomancy is also known as Halifax’s neo-gothic folk twin sisters Sari & Romy Lightman. The sisters, formerly known as Ghost Bees since 2006, have rebranded themselves based on the name of their Ghost Bees EP, which was dedicated to their great-great-grandmother’s immigrant experience from Russia to Canada as a tea leaf reader.

Surely, tealeaves or no tealeaves, the telepathic Lightman twins could not have foreseen going from busking at Halifax’s farmer’s market for grocery money to being featured on La Blogotheque in August. Last winter, Tasseomancy recorded a full-length produced by Taylor Kirk of Timber Timbre. A release date has not been set, but they do have a 7’’, Healthy Hands, limited to 500 copies on pink vinyl on October 5 via Hype Lighter.

Whether or not Professor Trelawney is their great-great-grandmother has yet to be confirmed.

Tasseomancy’s 7’’ release party is at the Main Hall of the Toronto Australia New Zealand Club on October 5.

Posted by : Melissa Kim