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New Fujiya and Miyaja, Ventriloquizzing


Fujiya and Miyaga are back! On Jaunary 25th, the British kraut rockers will be dropping their new album titled Ventriloquizzing(via Yep in North America and Full-Time Hobby in the U.K)

According to the post on Exclaim, the record was demoed in Brighton and recorded in California with Thoman Monahan(he’s worked with Veviter and Devendra Banhart on past records).

The first single, Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue, which can be found on their website sounds a lot darker than their previous work. David Best discusses the change of direction on the new record in a press release :

“We wanted to make a record that was musically darker and had more going on than our previous LPs,” says David. “This record is its own thing. It’s far less indebted to any past influences than our previous records and in my opinion it is all the better for it.”

We’ll keep you updated on this one.

Posted by : Max Mohenu