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Next Level : Sun Araw

7 Sep

Twenty-six year old Cameron Stallones, a.k.a. neo-primitive post-modern psychadelia solo outfit Sun Araw, might just be the Hannah Montana of indie music. Yes, that’s right… he has the best of both worlds.

An aspiring filmmaker, he works as a film archivist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Can we say, “convenient”? Stallones shares a cottage in California with his wife of four years and pet rabbit. The same cottage doubled as his writing and recording space for his July release: the 75-minute On Patrol on Not Not Fun Records. Unfortunately for our entertainment purposes, Stallones does not have to wear a wig to differentiate between his Hannah and Miley personas; although he is known for having a penchant for rocking trucker hats.

In fact, Stallones is a man of many hats in addition to film archiving, movie making, husband-being, and rabbit caretaking. He told LA Weekly he is a “font freak,” where Helvetica Neue is his favourite. In addition, Sun Araw was born as Stallones’ outlet for more material that his other, now defunct band Magic Lantern could not accommodate, where he acted as guitarist and vocalist.

Sun Araw’s meandering, quest-like tracks often lead the listener on a trail of ponderous self-discovery, like when a naïve teen watches a Harmony Korine movie for the first time. Therefore it is no surprise the composer of such revelations has solved the 21st-century-old conundrum: To what point is internet consumption? This is what he wisely and concisely told The Quietus:

“We’re in full ‘dawn of man’ mode right now… The mirror went live and we’re staring it deep in the face. The heart of the Narcissus myth that a lot of people forget is that Narcissus didn’t realize it was himself he was looking at. It wasn’t vanity, it was lack of awareness. The trick is to be alert.”

Posted by : Melissa Kim