Pete Doherty Launches New Website And Blog

6 Dec

Pete Doherty fans will be happy to know that the Babyshambles frontman has just launched a new website and blog.

The new site, Albion Rooms is still the beta stages, but if you want to sign up to be on the mailing list; Pete will be sure to give you sweet updates on what he’s been up too lately. The site has a link to his new blog called Bonjour Tristesse (It’s named after  an unleashed Babyshambles song). The blog features some awesome poetry from Pete Doherty himself. New videos and updates will be posted in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to NME for the tip.

Aside from the website, Doherty launched a jewelry line with Hannah Martin called Albion Trinketry. Good to see our favorite Britpop bad boy is keeping busy.

P.S One note about the website, it’s kind of ridiculous. You may want to turn your computer on mute to prevent the risk of loosing your mind. Why does it sound like a zoo ?

Posted by : Max Mohenu


One Response to “Pete Doherty Launches New Website And Blog”

  1. erin pea December 6, 2010 at 3:47 PM #

    *sigh* not sure why he’s still around…

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