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New Toro Y Moi Single, Still Sound

13 Dec has just posted the first single off Toro Y Moi’s sophomore album, Underneath The Pine, which drops on Febraury 22nd(via Carpark).

The song, Still Sound, takes Chaz’s romanticized lyrics into the realm of early disco and funk, which is a definite change from the chillwave breakup songs and nostalgic summer anthems of 2010. Toro Y Moi is definitely taking a different direction with Underneath The Pine. More details on that in  his interview with Pitchfork. Read it here


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Dirtbag Awards : Best Videos Of 2010 Pt. 2

12 Dec

24. Diamond Rings – Something Else

John O Regan, you’re amazing.

23. Mice Parade – In Between Times

Mice Parade are gods.

22. Crystal Castles – Baptism

Best song, best video. Enough said.

21. Lykke Li – Get Some

Wounded Rhymes is going to be a knockout record. 2011 is the year of Lykke Li.

20. The Fall – Bury! Pt. 2 & 4


19. Bonjay – Stumble

Killer, killer, killer! Thanks Sammy Rawal for directing another amazing video.

18. Toro Y Moi – Talamak

Dear Chaz : Will Underneath The Pine be as awesome as Causes Of This ? We’ll find out in February.

17. Foals – Spanish Sahara

Foals went from erratic Indie pop to Math Rock and everyone lost their shit. Their album, Total Life Forever didn’t end up being as intense as people thought, but it was still good.

16. Wolf Parade – Yulia

The Wolf Parade hiatus means more albums from their respective side projects. Can’t wait! This video ruled.

15. The Books – A Cold Freezin Night

If you love The Books, crazy ass kids and big guns; here’s your dream music video.

14. Tobacco – Super Gum

Space porn!!!

13. High Places – The Longest Shadow

This video converted Dirtbag Journalism to High Places. Good job!

12. Robyn – Indestructible

The Body Talk series kept this Swedish pop powerhouse relevant for all of 2010. Best part is the music stayed red-hot from Pt. 1 to 3(Pt.3 served as more of a greatest hits of Pt. 1 & 2, but still). Robyn will be playing Toronto in January.

11. How To Dress Well – Ready For The World

Lo-fi R&B dreamboat How To Dress Well makes his Toronto debut in January. Prepare to hear this and other sexy cuts off the highly successful debut, Love Remains. Shit is gonna get real at the Drake, believe it.

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Dirtbag Awards : Best Videos Of 2010 Pt.1

8 Dec

35. Jeff Barbara – Wild Boys

Thank you Montreal for this lovely man. This video is sassy and fun! Jeff Barbara is gonna be big in 2011.

34. The New Sins – The New Sins

When Lou Hayter is done touring the latest New Young Pony Club record, tell her she’s got work to do. This record is long overdue.

33. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Say No To Love

Oh summertime nostalgia. The 2010 recipe for a killer song. Never fails and neither did this video.

32. Tune Yards – Real Live Flesh

Weirdo R&B, face paint, and hand claps. The video is killer, and Tune Yards is all that and a bag of chips. Seeing her live is something you have to put on your to-do list.

31. Chromeo – Don’t Turn The Lights On

“Because tonight I wanna see you in the dark”

30. Yeasayer – ONE

Good dance moves.

29. Class Actress – Journal Of Ardency

Red light has never been this sexy. Good job Class Actress!

28. Shearwater – Hidden Lakes

Gorgeous song and video. Johnathan Meiburg’s voice is to die for.

27. Bad Tits – Bankok Hilton

Love these dudes. One of many amazing acts on Hand Drawn Dracula.

26. Efterklang – Modern Drift

Efterklang has a film coming out called An Island. Check out for it in 2011.

25. Ted Leo + The Pharmacist – The Mighty Sparrow

Ted Leo is the greatest. Great sound, great energy, and awesome stage presence He’s one of six acts confirmed for the Noise Pop Festival in February. If you haven’t seen him live, you may want to hit up Noise Pop.


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Games Remix Blonde Redhead

6 Dec

So if you haven’t already heard, Brooklyn futuristic production duo Games can no longer legally use their band name. But don’t fret kids; looking for a new band name hasn’t stopped the boys from working hard. Their latest concoction is a remix of Blonde Redheads single, My Plants Are Dead. The song is honestly perfection. Games takes the songs calm, yet detached vocals for a swim in a pool of dark pop with weirdo synth keys. It sometimes feels like you’re listening to a remake, not a remix. But the best part is how easy Games pulls Blonde Redhead into their crazy world. One of the best remixes of the year for sure. You can find the song in our MP3 section. Here is a video that’ll definitely be on our “Best of 2010” list. Check it out :


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Dirtbag Debut : Neon Indian – Mind Drips

6 Dec

Neon Indians earth shattering Chillwave tracks kept us talking in 2009 and right through 2010. But now, his new clip for Mind Drips is going to have us talking about a trippy new technology known as LZX Visionary. The story behind this is that manipulates and creates images the same way a normal synthesizer would. Mind Drips is the first video to use this technology.

So wait a minute Alan Palomo, not only was your album, Psychic Chasms, “Best New Music” last year on Pitchfork; now you make history as the first artist to have a video directed with a video synthesizer ?

This dude is the best, just saying. Also, this video just creeped its way onto our “Best of 2010 list”, which is coming soon.

To learn more about LZX Visionary go the website below :

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Pete Doherty Launches New Website And Blog

6 Dec

Pete Doherty fans will be happy to know that the Babyshambles frontman has just launched a new website and blog.

The new site, Albion Rooms is still the beta stages, but if you want to sign up to be on the mailing list; Pete will be sure to give you sweet updates on what he’s been up too lately. The site has a link to his new blog called Bonjour Tristesse (It’s named after  an unleashed Babyshambles song). The blog features some awesome poetry from Pete Doherty himself. New videos and updates will be posted in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to NME for the tip.

Aside from the website, Doherty launched a jewelry line with Hannah Martin called Albion Trinketry. Good to see our favorite Britpop bad boy is keeping busy.

P.S One note about the website, it’s kind of ridiculous. You may want to turn your computer on mute to prevent the risk of loosing your mind. Why does it sound like a zoo ?

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Dirtbag Debut : Those Dancing Days – Fuckarais

6 Dec

When Swedish girl group Those Dancing Days first busted onto the scene back in 2007, their cutesy apple pie pop songs quickly garnered them attention from bloggers and music critics alike. What’s happened since then ? Well, they’re all out of high school now, they have a new album called Daydreams and Nightmares, and their new single Fuckarais is fucking amazing. You can download it on their website.

Daydreams and Nightmares drops on March 7th (via Wichita Recordings)


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