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New Human League Album, Credo

1 Dec


Words like legendary and epic only really scratch the surface when discussing veterans like Human League. The synth pop trio have been m.i.a since the release of 2001’s Secrets, but it’s looks like 2011 will be Human League’s year to show us that they’ve still got it.

NME posted yesterday that the new Human League album, Credo is due out in March. The album was produced by i-Monster and from the sounds of the first single, Night People, we’re confident that this record will deliver. Here is the track list :

‘Never Let Me Go’
‘Night People’
‘Into The Night’
‘Single Minded’
‘Electric Shock’
‘Get Together’
‘Breaking The Chains’
‘When The Stars Start To Shine’

Old bands are making a comeback in 2011. Get ready people, it’s gonna be sweet.

Posted by : Max Mohenu