Dirtbag Journalism: Best Albums Of 2010

3 Jan

12.  Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

Good song structure, three-part harmonies, and fun-loving pop antics; Local Native’s really stood out for me this year. This record is really catchy and polished.

11. Teen Daze – Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams evokes all the vivacious, care-free feelings of summer time. The songwriting and production is so beautiful and listening to this really helped get me through a very cold November. The lyrics are so significant and all the songs make you feel very nostalgic. Everytime I hear Clip Jump Love Song, a highlight reel of past lovers and secret make outs runs through my head on repeat(makes me feel like I’m on Skins or something). You gain a new respect for Teen Daze versatility as an artist after hearing this record. Writing a summer album that makes you feel like this is pretty special.

10.  Caribou – Swim

Hearing these songs played live first made listening to this album a treat. Odessa is a standout track and one of the weirdest/best pop songs of the year.

9. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles II

Dance floor tears, synth waves, and Alice Glass chanting icy graveyard melodies. I loved every second of it.

8. Games – That We Can Play

Games dark, futuristic synth pop songs really took everyone by surprise this year. That We Can Play draws from the most obscure crevices of Italo and Dark Disco. Those influences, along with some pristine production give these songs the power to leave the dance floor in ruins.

7. No Age – Everything In Between

Fuzzed out shoegaze punk outfit No Age really stepped their game up with Everything In Between. This record stayed true to their D.I.Y punk roots without compromising their talent for cool points. You can still be punk even if you get a little famous. Remember that.

6. The Dream – Love King

Love King’s combination of love ballads, futuristic sex jams and overall brilliant concept further proves that Dream suffers from a perfectionist complex. Many R&B dudes have a good run at best, then their career’s fall victim of to a series of stagnant, cheesy, “girl let me get in them jeans”, flavor of the week tunes. The Dream’s continuously innovating this genre and breathing new life into the pop world with his many hit collaborations. The trials, tryst, and tribulations of Terius Nash will continue when Love Affair drops later this year(I believe the three magic numbers are : 6.27.11).

5. Active Child – Curtis Lane

Choir boy, left field pop that makes you wanna bump and grind. I’ve made my own choreography for Body Heat.

4. Diamond Rings – Special Affection

A David Bowie inspired persona isn’t always enough to solidify heart-throb status. However, in the case of John O Regan, I was sold after one listen of Special Affections. Perfect pop hooks, killer dance moves and style; whether on record or on stage, Diamond Rings takes glam and glitz to the next level. This month D.Rings will grace the stage with Swedish bombshell Robyn at Sound Academy. Talk about turning your swag up.

3. Beach House – Teen Dream

Enchanting, dreamy, flawless. What more is there to say that hasn’t already been said ?

2. Twin Shadow – Forget

A friend once joked that Twin Shadow was the black Morrissey. I may be willing to back that now.

1. Wild Nothing – Gemini

Perfection, absolute perfection. From start to finish.


Posted by : Max Mohenu


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