New Nite Jewel, It Goes Through Your Head

11 Jan

Shortly after Nite Jewel dropped Am I Real last year, there was talk of her working with producer Dam-Funk on her next LP. Last month, under the Nite Funk moniker, the duo released the woozy, r&b influenced, dark disco jam, Am I Gonna Make It. Earlier today, The Fadar posted a new song that has not a new Nite Funk track, but a collaboration with N.Jewel and D.Funk for her forthcoming 12”, which will be put out by Mexican Summer. This time around, Nite Jewel’s out of touch vibrato speeds through steady drum beats and wonky, distorted bass synth. The end result is beautiful, refreshing, and gives me hope that Nite Jewel’s weirdo disco time warp takes her all the way to the days of Solid Gold(or that she’ll start her own disco dance show and make all the music for it). You can listen to the track below :

Nite Jewel – It Goes Through Your Head(Dam-Funk Clubdub)


Posted by : Max Mohenu

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