Crystal Stilts New Album, In Love With Oblivion

12 Jan

After dazzling us with their critically acclaimed debut, Alight Of Night, Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts have announced the follow-up, which drops on April 12th(via Slumberland Records). The record is called In Love With Oblivion and lovely cover above is the album artwork. According to the press release from Force Field PR(you can also confirm this news on Exclaim), In Love With Oblivion sets the bar even higher. Moving away from the dark and dreamy psych pop of Alight Of Night, the records sound expands into a more fuzzed out, haunting, atmospheric post-punk pop. I think this record is going to kill. Here’s the tracklist :

1. “Sycamore Tree”
2. “Through the Floor”
3. “Silver Sun”
4. “Alien Rivers”
5. “Half a Moon”
6. “Flying into the Sun”
7. “Shake the Shackles”
8. “Precarious Stair”
9. “Invisible City”
10. “Blood Barons”
11. “Prometheus at Large”

If you haven’t heard the first single, Shake The Shackles, listen to it below :


Posted by : Max Mohenu

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